Never heard of vehicle wraps? They are a mobile advertising tool where decals or vinyl graphics are transferred to the whole surface, or a portion of a vehicle. Vehicle wraps play the role of a mobile billboard, and can be applied on a delivery, sales or service vehicle. You can display a message, a brand’s logo, a contact information, or a brand’s website link on a vehicle wrap.

We print our vehicle wraps in eye-catchy and very colorful graphics that immediately gain the attention of your potential customers.

It’s a known-fact that driving a vehicle that is wrapped on a busy street would draw attention, and in the process increase the exposure of a business.

Passersby about to cross the road or walking on the side streets would immediately spot a car that is wrapped in advertising due to the fact that it stands out from other vehicles.

Whether you have a single vehicle or manage a fleet, you can create a bumper-to-bumper marketing machine with our fast and easy custom vehicle wrapping solutions!

We can easily display your pertinent business contact information on the back and sides of your vehicle, including web address, contact name, phone numbers, address and email address.


  • help protect your vehicle’s body from scratches and small dents from road debris.
  • Vehicle Wraps are a Highly Cost Effective form of Advertising.
  • Vehicle Wraps can Reach Many Potential Customers
  • Vehicle Wraps are a Non-Aggressive Type of Advertising
  • Vehicle Wraps Turn Wasted Time into Utilized Time
  • Cost for a vinyl vehicle wrap is considerably less (nearly half) than a comparable paint job.
  • 100% Removable

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