Give your brand a stand-out look with striking design and first-class custom signs and prints. Let Ingraph be your partner in your business needs in Calgary.

Vehicle Wrap

Get the most out of your vehicle branding and custom vehicle wraps with Ingraph, the leading Calgary-based vehicle graphics shop.

Let your vehicle stand out from the crowd with Ingraph. We offer comprehensive vehicle wraps, graphics and signage services that will turn your average vehicle into an eye-catching advertisement. And because our products are made of durable vinyl, they can weather the elements without losing their appeal.

Our team of experts will work with you to create a design that represents your brand in the best possible light and installs it on your vehicle quickly and efficiently. So whatever your advertising needs may be, Ingraph got you covered.

Vehicle Decals & Sticker Calgary

Dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality products and services possible, Ingraph offers wide range of self-adhesive vehicle decals and stickers that can be used to decorate and personalize your car or any other type of vehicle, and even advertise business names, contact information, logos, products or services.
Our vehicle decals and stickers are printed on polypropylene vinyl materials, making them durable, waterproof, UV resistant, tear resistant and weatherproof.

Fleet Tagging Calgary

Fleet tags are another great form of vehicle decals used for advertising and marketing by brands and businesses. Imagine having your brand’s logo on not just one vehicle, but a fleet of your vehicles.
Ingraph offer custom decals and stickers as well as a variety of marketing brands for businesses of all sizes. Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality products and services to help them reach their marketing goals.

Vehicle Magnet Calgary

Vehicle magnets are as appreciated as they are supposed to. As a type of removable signage, vehicle magnets can be effortlessly applied to the body of your company vehicle, and can be easily removed, or replaced in a matter of seconds when your brand releases a new product. This effortless adaptability and versatility is essential in a professional world.
If you are looking for quality and very affordable vehicle magnets, then Ingraph will help you create a one-of-a-kind designs that will turn your vehicle into a dynamic marketing tool. With the use of vehicle magnets, you can drive around with your brand’s information or logo.

Perforated Vehicle Window Calgary

Perforated vehicle windows have arguably become one of the most popular material for business advertising. The perforated window decals is an image or graphic that is printed directly onto perforated, adhesive vinyl material. It allows you to advertise your business on a whole vehicle window without obstructing visibility from inside of the vehicle.
Our expertise at Ingraph designs glass perforated vehicle window vinyls which allows your customers to see the colourful designs of the perforated vinyl showing on your vehicle. If you decide to use the glass-perforated vinyl, you would also be spoilt for choice, as sizing options are limitless, with thousands of templates available for you to choose from.

Paint Mods Calgary

If you are looking to save costs and enhance marketing results, then consider the use of paint mods. It helps protect your vehicle’s body from scratches and small dents from road debris and the cost is considerably lesser than a comparable paint job.
Paint mods are mainly used to advertise business names, contact information, logos, products or services with variations from 3M Color Pallet, Avery Color Pallet, and Hexis Color Pallet.




Rally and Pin Stripping Calgary

Advertise your business on your car to increase visibility as you drive around. What better way to attract customers and advertise your brand than through the unique and not-too-common rally and pin stripping of your brand vehicles.
Ingraph provides the best rally and pinstripping that would attract the attention of customers. Our pyrolytic system allow us restore the “raw” condition of the bodyworks, or their parts, by removing any trace of paint, filler, glue, anti-vibration sheets, etc. without altering their geometry, welding and threads. This also prevents deformation of the vehicle as the treatment is performed flame-free, by exploiting exclusively heat and without temperature variations.

Vehicle Wrap Calgary

Vehicle wraps are decals or vinyl graphics that are transferred to the whole surface, or a portion of a vehicle and plays the role of a mobile billboard which can be applied on a delivery, sales or service vehicle. By displaying your brand’s logo and information, this becomes a cost-effective form of advertising and can reach potential customers.
Ingraph fully understands the needs of businesses to stand out from the competition. Our vinyl vehicle wraps are precision-cut and designed to fit any make or model of the vehicle. We offer a wide range of design options and our team is dedicated to creating unique and eye-catching wraps for your business.