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Yard Sign & Lawn Sign Calgary

Yard and lawn signs are becoming extremely popular because of their burgeoning reputation of being an affordable and effective marketing tool for different campaigns, businesses or ventures. You must have noticed them all over the place. You would find them in lawns and yards all over town and at popular intersections.

A lot of people now use them to promote political candidates, fundraisers, general contractors, restaurants, businesses and even ballot issues. If you have not keyed into the use of this unique advertising strategy, then you are missing out and need to call us now!

Here at Ingraph, we design and customize yard and lawn signs that allow you to canvass an entire community, and successfully and effectively promote your campaign, business, brand, event or organization.
Compared to other forms of advertising, yard and lawn signs are relatively affordable, and as they can be seen by every Jack and Harry driving past your compound, they offer a lot of coverage and visibility. This is an incredible value for money.

They are also easy to set up, flexible and lightweight, allowing you to change their location whenever you feel like to take advantage of different high-traffic locations.


  • We can carry out a full site survey for your project
  • We’ll recommend the right solution for your budget
  • We offer a full in-house design service, and our experienced studio team will work to your brief
  • Our team of professional and skilled installers can fit your fabric solution
  • You can relax, knowing we’ll take care of everything.


  • Election Ads
  • Promote Brand
  • Attract Public’s Attention
  • Way-finding sign.

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