Sign Cabinets

Illuminate your brand!

Whether you want a safe way to improve the styling of your company’s building decoration, or looking for an affordable way to attract the attention of customers at your small office, Backlit Boxes is the go-to solution; at least for a lot of brands these days.

Simple to install and use, these boxes are designed with LED lighting inside, with a thin fabric printed with graphics added to each lightbox. These back-lit boxes illuminate when a light switch is flicked on, displaying a brand’s name or logo, and showcasing your services to the onlooking world.

We design simple, elegant and practical lightboxes that are especially useful for retailers looking to boost their business. Our professional engineer’s design cost-effective display solutions that would arouse consumer interest and improve sales. We use the finest and the latest technology for our back-lit boxes.

Our back-lit boxes create a shocking positive atmosphere around you and your business, and a few of them added to a retail environment would bring that environment to live!


  • Company Logo
  • Fascia Signage

Color: Any color
Lit: LED
Depth: 3”, Standard 6”
Suitability: Interior and Exterior”