Pylon Sign

Place your business on a monumental pedestal!

Pylon signs are hard to miss. They are gigantic, look like a monument, and are quite visible. Due to their heights, potential customers hardly ignore a pylon sign. And since they are designed to be more attractive, pylon signs can be more noticeable than the regular monuments. This is why a lot of businesses and brands are embracing the use of this sign for marketing and advertisement.
At Ingraph, we know the importance of businesses investing in visibility, and that is why we design and manufacture pylon signs of the highest quality. All the pylon signs we design are customized to suit our customers’ identities and their pockets.
Our pylon signs are not just for beautification or attraction purposes; they can also serve as directional signs for potential customers, showing them where to head to in order to check your business out. Doesn’t end there. They can also be used as tenant signs, showcasing all of the brands and businesses existing in a business park or shopping center; cost-effective isn’t it?
If you want to grow your business successfully, you shouldn’t miss out on these highly effective signs, as they clearly and instantly introduce your brand, business, goods or services to motorists and passersby, before directing them to your store.


  • Branding
  • Way-finding sign.

Suitability: Outdoor