Vehicle Magnets

Transform your delivery trucks and vans into a rolling advertisement!

Vehicle magnets are as appreciated as they are supposed to. As a type of removable signage, vehicle magnets can be effortlessly applied to the body of your company truck or car. Do not mistake vehicle magnets for vehicle graphics, decals, or even custom paintjobs, though. The fact they are a removable form of advertisement makes them different. They are also very easy to apply, and can be removed during harsh weather, or replaced in a matter of seconds when your brand releases a new product. This effortless adaptability and versatility is essential in a professional world.

If you are looking for quality and very affordable vehicle magnets, then Ingraph is your go-to place. We help you maximize the use of your delivery trucks or vans by transforming them into your own rolling advertisement.

You can use our vehicle magnets to promote your brand or business while you at on a personal vacation, at a job location, or while you are delivering your product or service. You or your workers get to drive around with your brand’s contact information, tagline, logo or anything else you’d like to add without affecting your car’s resale value.

Vehicle magnets are best for food or beverage companies.


  • Temporary Company Branding
  • Replaceable

Process: Direct Print on Magnet
Suitability: 1-2 Years Outdoor