Vibrant colors and one-way vision for advertisement!

Perforated vehicle windows have arguably become one of the most popular material for business advertising. The perforated window decals that this piece comes with allows you to advertise your business on a whole vehicle window without obstructing visibility from inside of the vehicle.

The perforated window decal is an image or graphic that is printed directly onto perforated, adhesive vinyl material. These decals feature one-way vision, allowing you to see outside the window when in your vehicle but not inside when approaching the vehicle.

Our expertise here at Ingraph means that the glass perforated vehicle window vinyls we design allows your customers to see the colourful designs of the perforated vinyl showing on your vehicle.

Our glass perforated vinyl is perfect for vehicles, as they cling easily to the windows with perforations that allow onlookers to see through the advertisement.

We micro-perforate the vinyl material with a white adhesive film with 1.5mm holes in a 65/35 pattern, removing 35% of the vinyl material in the process.

This makes it possible for light to pass through the materials without inhibiting the interior visibility. If you decide to use the glass-perforated vinyl, you would also be spoilt for choice, as sizing options are limitless, with thousands of templates available for you to choose from.

Come in today, tell us a design you would like, and get your dream vinyl decorated and installed!


  • Company Branding
  • Provide visibility from within while displaying printed graphics
  • Provides degree of tinting.

Suitability: 1-3 years Outdoor