Frosted Film

Fanciful covering for your glass doors and windows!

Window frosting benefits a lot of business offices in numerous ways. They offer a more affordable alternative to curtains or solid materials for large glass doors or windows that do not allow privacy or make an environment safe. If you are in need of a window film option that brightens your office and offers a form of security and privacy, then window frosting may be the best option for you.
For the best window frosting installation in the market, we at Ingraph are your best bet. We design a variety of window frosting films for office buildings for installation on both the exterior and the interior of glasses. The widow frosting that we design can be used by businesses and brands to help with their branding initiative, attract the attention of potential customers, or promote their goods and services.
Our expertise enables brands and businesses to customize the window frosting design to any image, logo, or graphic that they like on glass.
Window frosting comes with numerous advantages; from beautification to offering security and privacy, from being cost-effective to changing the appearance of an office in a positive manner, this is one window coverage every business should have.
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  • Privacy
  • Branding

Media: Frosted Vinyl
Print: Direct UV Print
Suitability: Indoor or Outdoor