Interpretation Signange

Educate your visitors!

Just like your wayfinding and directory signage, the interpretation signage is becoming increasingly important for businesses, organizations and brands, especially ones that have international customers.

Also called informative signage, the interpretative signage helps people discover and understand the significance of processes, people and places. They cover a variety of topics ranging from geological information, historic stories, cultural and natural heritage, and can accentuate points of interest within an urban space, a park, or a reserve.

Ingraph specializes in the design and production of external grade signs like interpretation and park signs for public open spaces. We combine high quality print, robust and durable finishes, and a variety of the best structures or frames in our interpretation signage designs. We would also design and supply posters, vinyl prints, banners, and other temporary graphics to complement our interpretation signage.

Our Interpretation signage are so versatile and cost effective. They cover both archaeological themes and natural history, and help to provide information about the environment to your visitors. If properly designed, an interpretation signage with its brief text and illustrations would also be appealing to the eye.

Tease your visitors today, by introducing them to the subject with our interpretation signs.

Media: Sintra, Acrylic, Vinyl, Aluminum Composite, Crezon Board, Glass
Process: Direct UV Print, Cut Vinyl, 3D cut materials
Suitability: Indoor or Outdoor