Show your visitors the way in style!

Wayfinding signage has become an essential element for businesses, brands, facilities and event centers. This is because fans, customers, participants, patrons, and visitors always need assistance with finding exhibits, restrooms, and seat sections, parking areas, office suites, ticket centers, concessions, and other vital parts.
A wayfinding sign that is adequately designed helps people easily find their destinations in an area. For adequately designed wayfinding signs, Ingraph can help!
We are experts at providing creative and innovative approaches that take your wayfinding signage concept from design to fabrication and installation. We design wayfinding signs for environments such as college campuses, hospitals, office complexes, airports and transportation hubs, zoos, recreational facilities, sports venues, etc.
We build everything; from small identification, signs to the elaborate exterior and interior wayfinding systems.
A brand’s story is the cornerstone of any business, organization or company. A brand’s identity should always standout when design and strategy come together. That is why, no matter the kind of wayfinding activation or brand we design, we try our best to place the brand’s story at the heart of everything.
Our wayfinding signs are very affordable, save your time, and most importantly, saves you the stress of having to keep directing people.
You wouldn’t want to miss out!


  • School Signs
  • Washroom locator

Media: Aluminum Composite, Acrylic, etc.
Print: Direct UV Print
Accessories: Aluminum Mounts
Suitability: Indoor or Outdoor